What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS involves sending a single message to a large group of people with a single click. As bulk sms leaders, we understand that you are looking for the most cost effective and efficient solution to communicate and share information.

Why use Bulk SMS?

Do you have news to tell or special offers available but you think that time and money is against you?

Do you have announcements or reminders to make and need a fast, efficient solution to reach all your customers or members?

Sending an SMS allows you to contact the person you are looking for directly, at the fraction of the cost of any other marketing avenues.

Why use us for this service?

1. We have a direct connection to all the mobile networks which guarantees sms delivery.
2. Our prices are transparent. There are no monthly fees or hidden charges. You only pay for the sending of each SMS.
3. Our system is web based and you can even schedule the sending times.
4. We offer FREE maintenance and support as part of our service.
5. The credits/SMS you purchase don’t expire.
6. Accounts are password protected and contracts are offered for additional security and confidentiality.

Included as part of our SMS sending solution:-


Send sms using your brand or organization name.

Copy paste function

You can copy then paste your contacts directly on the system when sending SMS.


If you have contacts you can upload and save them in the system and even manage your contacts online i.e. add, delete and edit contact.

Customised SMS

Using our system, you can customize SMS fields eg recipient name, address or other details. The system has a mail-merge feature which merges the uploaded specified fields with a standard message thus a customized SMS is delivered to the recipient.

Message Scheduling

When sending periodic messages, you schedule from the system and indicate the date and time you want the SMS delivered. The scheduled messages are saved on the SMS server and will be dispatched as scheduled.

Why you need bulksms?


Compared to other communication tools, bulk SMS is the most affordable way to communicate to clients. It saves you money on your communication budget.


While other forms of mass communication can be very limiting especially if the messages are more sensitive, bulk SMS has risen above this. From the political and law spheres, hospitality and management, sports and fitness, hospital and pharmaceuticals, education and tutelage, lifestyle and wellness, to entertainment , bulk SMS can be adequately used to interact with clients.


SMS is the most direct way to reach your customers. This makes your communication feel individualized to the customer.


With bulk SMS you can send whatever message you would want your clients to know about. It could vary from links to your website, appreciation posts, survey requests, notifications for new product releases, emergency updates, or offers and discounts. The bulk SMS messages can be designed and sent in minutes allowing you to be on top of your game. This can come in handy in cases where there are urgent issues such as a crisis that needs to be communicated to clients.